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Russian Insurance Forum 2014 / Российский Страховой Форум 2014

VISA information

Russian national Tourist Office


Russian National Tourist Office Ltd

202 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4DP


Landline: +442079851239

Skype: skypernto


We recommend using our accredited travel agent the Russian National Tourist Office Ltd.


This is the official travel partner of Adam Smith Conferences. The Russian National Tourist Office is an accredited travel agent established in 1997 and based in the UK, with offices in London and Edinburgh.


Contact the Russian National Tourist Office for all enquiries related to:

  1. Flight reservations (for some conferences, discounts from airlines are available) – IATA accredited
  2. Airport lounges and Fast Track
  3. Any type of visa issues (to Russia)
  4. Transport and transfers to/from airports in Russia or in the UK
  5. Excursions and private guides in Russia
  6. Railway tickets in Russia and Europe
  7. Translation services (for presentations)


Adam Smith’s  dedicated managers:

Ms Donata Gerule



Ms Daria Zhurbitskaya


Travel to Russia

General Information – Russia

The flight time from London to Moscow is about 4 hours, from London to St Petersburg is about 3 hours.

Entry Requirements

British nationals need a visa to enter Russia. The Russian Embassy in London can normally process visas in 8 working days. An extra fee applies for express service. By submitting your visa application through the Russian National Tourist Office you receive a guarantee of a highly professional service.

Visitors should register their visas within seven days upon arrival in Russia. Most major hotels will do this automatically. You do not need to register your visa if the visit is for less than seven days.

You should have at least 2 spare pages in your passport and your passport should be valid for at least 6 months upon your visa end date.


You can import into the country up to 10,000 USD (or its equivalent) and export from the country up to 3,000 USD (or its equivalent) without declaring it. If you export a sum of money over 3,000 USD and up to 10,000 USD it must be declared on departure.

If you import into the country a sum of money over 10,000 USD or certain categories of goods such as more costly electrical items, jewellery or antiques and valuable musical instruments you must fill in a customs declaration form (available at all ports of entry) upon arrival and departure.

If you export from the country a sum of money over 10,000 USD you must provide documentary proof that you either imported it into the country or have legally obtained it whilst in the country.

If you wish to import certain sophisticated electronic items (e.g. Global Positioning System instruments, but excluding mobiles phones with GPS), you must get an operating license from the Russian authorities before you travel. If you are unsure whether you should declare an item or need an operating license please check with the Russian Embassy before you travel.

If you complete a declaration form you must ensure that it is stamped by a Customs Officer at your port of entry, otherwise it will not be valid.

If you fail to complete a declaration form upon arrival or to get it validated by a Customs Officer, your foreign currency and non-declared items may be confiscated when you leave Russia and you may be fined.

Migration Cards

Starting from 10 February 2003, all foreign nationals entering Russia must fill in a Migration card.

The paper card consists of two parts, A and B. Make sure you give part A to an Immigration Officer upon arrival. Keep part В with your passport and show it, along with your passport, to the police if they stop you for an identity check during your stay. Return part В to the Immigration Officer upon your departure from Russia.

If you don’t find a paper card in the arriving hall, please proceed to the immigration counter, the part B of the card will be printed for you by the officer.

You must complete a new migration card each time you enter Russia, even if you have a multiple entry visa. If you lose part В of the card you will be fined, and your departure from the country could be delayed.

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